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Our Guide To Turf Laying

Get Perfect Results With Our Simple Guide to Turf Laying



  1. Dig or mechanically cultivate to an approximate depth of 4 to 6 inches (100- 150mm). The soil must be reasonably dry.
  2. Remove large stones, roots and any other debris.
  3. Lightly roll or tread down area to consolidate (overlap as you go).
  4. Rake surface level and remove any large stones, roots or debris.
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Laying The Turf


  1. Lightly water the area to be turfed (if required).
  2. Start laying along a straight side of the lawn (if the site slopes, lay across the slope not down it).
  3. Stand on planks, not directly on the turf or the prepared ground.
  4. Stagger the turves like bricks in a wall.
  5. Never stretch the turf. Always push the turf into the joints ensuring these are butted together tightly (if there is a gap, fill with a soil/sand mix and gently tamp down). Use a sharp knife or half-moon spade to cut the end of rows.
  6. Lightly firm down the turf with a flat board.
  7. Water immediately after laying (if required).




  1. Repeatedly water for the first fortnight (if no rainfall), and until the turf is well established. When the turf is well established weekly watering during during dry spells should suffice.
  2. Mow as soon as it is long enough. For the first cut mow longer than you usually would, then in subsequent cuts get progressively shorter until desired height is achieved (about 1 inch/25 mm)
  3. Now enjoy your lawn.


For more detailed advice, visit the Royal Horticultural Society website.



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